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Symphony Shade Standard Operating Mechanism

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Install Difficulty: Novice

Available with:
Double Cell Light Filtering
Double Cell Black Out
Single Cell Light Filtering
Single Cell Black Out

Price: No extra $!

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Standard Bracket Double Cell Shade Sideview and Bottom Rail Standard shades in bedroom Standard Lift


  • Spring-grip Mounting Bracket: Easy install/Easy removal. Low profile design provides minimal light leakage between window casing and shade.

  • Standard Mechanism comes with all hardware for a complete and easy installation.

  • High Tech Cleat, Roller Cord Lock Design: Ceramic locking cleat eliminates cord wear and ensures no-slip locking. Cord roller helps provide easy glide operation even on larger shades.

  • Pressure Set Equalizer: Keeps cords perfectly aligned. Acts as a cord stop on outside mount shades.

  • Elegant Head Rail Design: Stylish, low profile design provides minimal light gap and color coordinated to match your fabric.

Minimum Size     Maximum Size
Width: 8” inches     Width: 84” inches.
Height: 8” inches    Height: 96” inches

We recommend Smoothy Continuous Cord Loop for wide or tall shades.

Minimum Mounting Surface

  • Minimum Shallow (Inside) Mounting Surface: ¾"
  • Minimum Flush (Inside) Mounting Surface: 2"
  • Minimum Outside Mounting Surface: ¾"

Rail Type




Depth of Rail with Bracket


Standard and Top Down Bottom Up

Top Rail


1 7/16”

Depends on Shade Width

1 7/8”

Stack Height Standard Shades(includes, fabric, top and bottom rails.)

Shade Type

48” H

72” H

84” H

96” H

Single & Double Cell
Light Filtering Standard

2 1/4”

2 3/4”


3 1/4”

Single Cell Black Out Standard

2 5/8”

3 1/2”

3 7/8”

4 1/4”

Double Cell Black Out Standard


2 1/2”

2 3/4”


Michael D. in NM           Rating: 5 star rating           Date:  02/08/09
Comment:  A year ago I outfitted all my windows with your cellular shades having the tracks. Your product is great. Thank you.

Larry H. in VA                Rating: 5 star rating          Date: 04/08/11
Comment:  I still can't believe it. We will recommend you to anyone who asks….Decent Prices

Anthony J. in ID              Rating: 5 star rating       Date: 12/16/08
Comment:  We bought 10 or 12 of your shades and are ecstatic with the results... we now use 50% less firewood than we used to..

Elsie K. in RI                Rating: 5 star rating            Date: 04/08/09
Comment:  I received my shades today and have already installed them. Installation was relatively simple and I LOVE my new shades. Should I need to replace any more shades, I know now where I can get the best, affordable cellular shades.Thank you for your promptness and your quality shades. They fit beautifully!!

John T. in ME                   Rating: 5 star rating       Date: 11/19/08
Comment:  The shade hangs perfectly inside the frame and looks great.

Karen F. in TN                Rating: 4.5 star rating        Date: 08/01/08
Comment:  My husband and I ordered cellular shades from you all when he put new windows in our kitchen a couple of years ago. (We LOVE them.)

Bradley L. in NY           Rating: 4.5 star rating     Date: 04/14/09
Comment:  We ordered Shades from you about a month ago, and Love them. We are thinking of getting more for our other windows, but will need to wait until we can fit them in to our budget. We will definitely order more when we can afford them. Thank you for a great product.

Stephen C. in NH          Rating: 4 star rating         Date: 3/26/11
Comment:  Thanks for reviewing & modifying my order-it is exactly as I wanted. I look forward to receiving the shades. Thank you again-your company makes a fine product & I also appreciate the good customer service.

Chris L. in Canada             Rating: 4 star rating       Date: 10/01/10
Comment:  Yes these measurements are correct. thank you for your efficiency and understanding. I appreciate doing business with you and will recommend you to others.

Thomas L. in CT                 Rating: 4 star rating         Date: 2/1/1
Comment:  Greetings from snowy Connecticut! Thank you again for your email, copied below, which helped me figure out installation of shades; we just succeeded in getting our shade up, and are pleased with it.

Sherri M. in CO                      Rating: 4 star rating   Date: 10/08/08
Comment:  I ordered my shades from you. They are up and look great.

Frank & Sally M. in ME           Rating: 4 star rating         Date: 4/7/11
Comment:  Sally loves her shades; Frank is a physical therapist bought; whole house after their referral

Lynda P. in NM                       Rating: 4 star rating        Date: 12/21/10
Comment:  Thanks so very much for your great customer service

Doug P. in CA                     Rating: 4 star rating         Date: 04/27/09
Comment:  Spend $3k in shades and I get free equalizer boxes? Well honestly, I didn’t expect that. So thank you for the prompt, and unexpectedly pleasant service!

Judy in R. WI                        Rating: 4 star rating       Date: 2/22/11
Comment:  We really like the shades and they appear to be of good quality

Pam R. in MN                        Rating: 4 star rating        Date: 2/1/11
Comment:  I'm just looking forward to having them up and conserving a bit more heat....  (it's cold and snowy here in MN)

Randi S. in NY                        Rating: 4 star rating      Date: 12/16/10
Comment:  Thanks for your quick service in fulfilling our order of shades. We received the order last week and were happy with the shades and relative ease of installation.

Michael L. in NM                    Rating: 3 star rating     Date: 01/16/09
Comment:  I have ordered a number of shades and have been happy with the quality. Our last shade was a continuous loop and it works great.


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