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Great choice! Blackout shades really come in handy when you're looking for optimal insulation as well as nearly total darkness. Effectively keeping out 99% of the light, these shades are perfect for bedrooms and media rooms. We offer two different types of blackout fabrics, single cell (Virtuoso) and double cell (Symphony). Double honeycomb shades have the highest insulating value, and our double cell blackout fabric has the absolute highest R-value of them all! All of the products listed below are made using our cellular blackout fabrics. If you have questions or need any additional information about our cellular treatments, reach out to one of our designers today!

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  • $92.40 $168.00 -45%

    Some rooms are meant to be dark, and for those rooms our blackout shades are absolutely fantastic! This shade is our most basic-functioning; it operates up and down with the pull of a standard cord. Our Symphony double cell room darkening fabric is our best insulating shade, it blocks out 99% of the light and will cut down on your energy bills....

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  • $133.65 $243.00 -45%

    Complement your interior accents with our double cell smoothy cord loop room darkening cellular shades. This shade operates with the use of a heavy duty clutch, making it the perfect treatment for those with large and difficult-to-treat window openings. Since the fabric is comprised of room darkening material, it’s typically best used for rooms like...

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  • $160.05 $291.00 -45%
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    No strings, no problem! Our single cell cordless room darkening cellular shades operate with the push and pull of the handle located on the bottom of the shade. This particular window treatment works best for those who have young children and pets present in their home. Because the shades operate without a cord, they prevent any potentially entanglement,...

    $160.05 $291.00 -45%
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  • $130.90 $238.00 -45%
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    Our double cell top down bottom up room darkening shades offer a distinctive look with energy efficiency and durability. These room darkening shades block out nearly 99% of the light, though because of the way they are configured you can let light in through either the top or the bottom when you want it. It operates with a pull cord on both...

    $130.90 $238.00 -45%
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  • $180.40 $328.00 -45%

    Provide yourself with excellent insulation as well as multiple privacy and viewing options with our double cell smoothy top down bottom up room darkening cellular shades. This window treatment comes with a cord loop on both sides, allowing you raise and lower the shade from both the bottom and top. Both its thick cord and heavy duty clutch makes it ideal...

    $180.40 $328.00 -45%
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  • $201.85 $367.00 -45%

    For homes where privacy and light control are important, our single cell cordless top down bottom up room darkening cellular shades are just the window treatment that you’ve been looking for! Not only will these honeycomb shades give you the light control you need, they are also child safe because they operate without an external cord. A simple push...

    $201.85 $367.00 -45%
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  • $309.65 $563.00 -45%

    Treat your windows to modern convenience and style with our double cell room darkening motorized shades. These shades are perfect for those who are in the process of automating their home. You lower and raise this shade with a remote instead of a cord. How awesome is that? They're also great for those with windows in a difficult to reach areas....

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  • $88.55 $161.00 -45%

    For increased efficiency and an aesthetic upgrade for your home’s interior, look no further than our single cell standard room darkening(blackout) cellular shades. The fabric in these shades will cut light out of your room, making an excellent window treatment for bedrooms or other areas of the home where light isn’t wanted. This window...

    $88.55 $161.00 -45%
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  • $129.80 $236.00 -45%

    Give your home an elegant and gentle look with our smoothy cord loop single cell room darkening shades. For those who have homes with large windows that are in need of treatment, this is exactly what you’ve been looking for! This honeycomb shade uses a thick cord loop and heavy duty clutch, providing smooth and quiet operation each time, even when...

    $129.80 $236.00 -45%
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  • $127.05 $231.00 -45%

    Our top down bottom up shades give our customers full control of the light and provide the best privacy options. The top down bottom up feature lets you open up the honeycomb shade from both the bottom and the top, so you can bring in the warm light but relax in privacy. The room darkening fabric is an ideal option for bedrooms and other rooms where...

    $127.05 $231.00 -45%
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  • $176.55 $321.00 -45%

    Modern and incredibly efficient, our single cell smoothy top down bottom up room darkening cellular shades are a great solution for those seeking a custom window treatment for large windows. These shades can be operated and opened from both the top and the bottom, allowing for extra light and privacy control. The smoothy cord loop is heavy duty,...

    $176.55 $321.00 -45%
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