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Our light filtering shades are truly dynamic. They let natural light flow into your space while keeping out unwanted UV rays, they allow privacy whenever you want it, and they save energy, too! They are made of bonded polyester, the most durable and high-quality material on the market. Available in single cell (Virtuoso) and double cell (Symphony) fabrics, our insulating honeycomb shades pay for themselves because of their amazing energy-efficient properties. Symphony shades are renowned for their functionality. Our low-maintenance cellular shades are anti-static and dust-repellent, making upkeep a breeze. If they ever do need to be cleaned, they're totally washable! Both fabrics are available with a wide variety of different lift options, allowing you to pick the perfect system to accommodate for your privacy and light control preferences. To learn more about all of our honeycomb light filtering shades, browse the products listed below!

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    Enhance the value of your home with our elegant and unique double cell cordless light filtering cellular shades. Since this honeycomb shade is cordless, it means that it’s both child-safe and pet friendly. Because this shade doesn’t use external cords, it operates by a small handle located on the bottom of the rail. Its light filtering fabric...

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    For extra insulation and enhanced interior decor, look no further than our double cell standard light filtering cellular shades! Out of all our available window treatments, this is one of the most economical options. The honeycomb shades raise and lower with just a single cord. It filters out glare while allowing natural light to flow through the cells,...

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    Our double cell top down bottom up shades give you extensive flexibility when it comes to light control and privacy because of their ability to open from both the top and bottom. Also known as “up down shades,” they have an operating system on each side. Light filtering fabric cuts down on UV damage but allows some natural light to flow...

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  • $186.45 $339.00 -45%

    Versatility and elegance are two reasons why our double cell cordless top down bottom up light filtering shades are such a popular treatment among our customers. This shade type offers you privacy, insulation, safety features and the ability to see pristine views while still maintaining your privacy. This honeycomb window treatment is controlled by a...

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    For large, untreated windows that need a splash of elegance and sophistication, our double cell smoothy cord loop light filtering cellular shade is an outstanding option. The cord loop and heavy duty clutch make raising and lowering the shade easy. Its cord loop will stay the same length whether the shade is raised or lowered, meaning you won’t have...

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  • $161.15 $293.00 -45%

    Make the most of your large window treatments with our double cell smoothy top down bottom up light filtering cellular shades. They lower from both the top and the bottom, allowing full control over the light and privacy. The smoothy cord lift mechanism comes with a heavy duty clutch and thick cord loop, making the operation for large windows smooth...

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  • $290.40 $528.00 -45%

    For the latest technology in window treatments, look no further than our motorized cellular window shades. This evolution of our stylish honeycomb window coverings allows you to operate your shades from the comfort of your couch! Double cell light filtering motorized cellular shades have numerous control options: remotes, wall switches, sun sensors,...

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  • $57.75 $105.00 -45%

    A classic shade that will enhance your interior’s appeal, this single cell standard light filtering shade will do wonders for your home! It’s easy to operate - just pull on the cord and let in the light based on your preferences. Our light filtering shades are perfect for kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and other areas of the home where...

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  • $99.00 $180.00 -45%

    Give your home a soft and elegant look with our single cell smoothy cord loop light filtering cellular shades. If you are looking for a treatment to cover wide or tall open windows, the continuous cord loop will allow you to do so, smoothly! Ideal for bay windows, picture windows, or entryways. The light filtering fabric will reduce unwanted glares but...

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  • $96.25 $175.00 -45%

    Liven up your home with our single cell top down bottom up light filtering cellular shades. Top down bottom up shades give you total control of light and privacy - the shades can lower from the top or raise from the bottom. This function makes it possible to allow in light and a view from the top half of the window, while maintaining...

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    If you own large, untreated windows and desire an option that you gives you ultimate control over light and privacy, this is the shade for you! Control the honeycomb shade from the top or from the bottom to let in your desired amount of light. This shade is well-suited for larger windows, that face neighbors or the street. Preserve your privacy man!...

    $145.75 $265.00 -45%
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  • $129.25 $235.00 -45%

    Maximize your interior décor with our chic, insulating single cell cordless light filtering cellular shades. For homes in which young children and pets are present, this is our most child-safe window treatment. This shade raises and lowers without the use of cords; a simple pull/push on the bottom rail does the trick. Cordless is a great...

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    Treat you windows to the best of both worlds with the single cell cordless top down bottom up light filtering shades! PHEW! These shades will give your home an elegant aura, and also help save on your utility bills. The shade’s cordless feature is designed to be child safe and pet friendly, and the top down bottom up aspect of the shade will allow...

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