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Got arches? Get shades! Just because your window isn’t your basic rectangle doesn’t mean it has to waste energy! We offer arch shades for perfect half circle windows in both moveable shades that open and close like a fan as well as stationary designs. If your window is not perfectly half round, meaning the width of the base is not exactly twice the height of the midpoint, you will need a template made by a local professional to ensure a properly-fitting blind. Give us a call today to get started on treating your arch window!

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    Arch windows are a unique part of your home, so their window treatments should be treated the same way. Our double cell blackout perfect arches will add a splash of modern elegance to your interior décor. They are also movable, meaning they can open and close depending on your light preferences. The blackout fabric used on these shades is from the...

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    Our classic, elegant, stationary arch shades will instantly spruce up your interior décor while giving your home a sophisticated look. Because these cellular arch shades are stationary, this means they aren’t meant to open and close, just maintain the simplistic look of the arch. The shade’s Symphony double cell light filtering fabric...

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    If you’ve got arch openings in your home, kudos to you! Arch openings are a feature that you’re very lucky to have. For bare window openings in areas of your home where complete darkness is required our perfect double cell arch shades that are movable in our room darkening fabric are what you’ve been looking for! Unlike stationary arch...

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    Often times, bedrooms and media rooms have breathtaking arch windows that let unwanted light flow through the room. If this happens to be the situation in your home, our double cell room darkening perfect arch shades are the right window treatment for you! The room darkening fabric will remove the unwanted light, while enhancing the elegant arch look that...

    $210.60 $324.00 -35%
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