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Corded shades, which make up our traditional lift options, offer style, simplicity, and of course, plenty of insulation! There are two different types of cords available, the first being standard. This cord is 1.2mm in diameter and is available with our standard and standard top down/bottom up shades. Standard shades are the most economical lift option. The second cord type is the continuous cord loop, which is referred to as the smoothy cord loop on our site. The smoothy cord loop excells when you are treating a particularly large window opening due to it's 4mm cord thickness and heavy duty clutch systm. If you have a shade over 70” wide or over 80" long, this is the lift option for you! Smoothy shades are also available in top down/bottom up. If you would like to learn more about what cord type is best for your window, get in touch with a member of our team today!

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    For extra insulation and enhanced interior decor, look no further than our double cell standard light filtering cellular shades! Out of all our available window treatments, this is one of the most economical options. The honeycomb shades raise and lower with just a single cord. It filters out glares while allowing natural light to flow through the cells,...

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    Some rooms are meant to be dark, for rooms that meet these specifications, our room darkening shades are absolutely fantastic! This shade is our most basic-functioning; it operates up and down with the pull of a standard cord. Our Symphony double cell room darkening fabric is our best insulating shade, it blocks out 99% of the light and will cut down on...

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    For large, untreated windows that need a splash of elegance and sophistication, our double cell smoothy cord loop light filtering cellular shade is an outstanding option. The cord loop and heavy duty clutch make raising and lowering the shade easy. Its cord loop will stay the same length whether the shade is raised or lowered, meaning you won’t have...

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    Complement your interior accents with our double cell smoothy cord loop room darkening cellular shades. This shade operates with the use of a heavy duty clutch, making it the perfect treatment for those with large and difficult-to-treat window openings. Since the fabric is comprised of room darkening material, it’s typically best used for rooms like...

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    A classic shade that will enhance your interior’s appeal, this single cell standard light filtering shade will do wonders for your home! It’s easy to operate - just pull on the cord and let in the proper amount of light based on your preferences. Our light filtering shades are perfect for kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and other areas of...

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    Give your home a soft and elegant look with our single cell smoothy cord loop light filtering cellular shades. If you are looking for a treatment to cover wide or tall open windows, the continuous cord loop will allow you to do so, smoothly! Ideal for bay windows, picture windows, or entryways. The light filtering fabric will reduce unwanted glares but...

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    For increased efficiency and an aesthetic upgrade for your home’s interior, look no further than our single cell standard room darkening cellular shades. The fabric in these shades will cut light out of your room, making an excellent window treatment for bedrooms or other areas of the home where light isn’t wanted. This window treatment is...

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    Give your home an elegant and gentle look with our single cell smoothy cord loop blackout cellular shades. For those who have homes with large windows that are in need of treatment, this is exactly what you’ve been looking for! This honeycomb shade uses a thick cord loop and heavy duty clutch, providing smooth and quiet operation each time, even...

    $83.15 $118.78 -30%
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