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Untreated skylights cause energy to go through the roof! Our insulating skylight shades are made of the same cellular material as regular window shades, but they feature a special track that suits openings at any angle. Symphony skylight shades protect furniture against sun damage and keep rooms at a comfortable temperature, whether the snow’s flying or summer is at its peak. They are available in all fabric options, so whether you’re furnishing your bedroom, kitchen, or family room, you’ve got perfect coverage!   

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    Something that you may have remember as a child is that heat rises. Think about all the heat in your home escaping from an open and cold skylight window. You don't want your hard earned cash wasted on your heating bill! Even if you have windows in other areas of your home that are insulated, an untreated skylight will significantly hamper your home's...

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    Skylights openings are beautiful and can add an extra dash if elegance to your home's décor. However, when you leave your skylight openings untreated, the sun's UV rays can make your home unbearable in the summer, especially for homes in warmer climates! UV rays will put more of a strain on your air conditioning unit, which will increase your...

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    If you happen to have an untreated skylight window, it is truly a mixed blessing! Skylight openings are beautiful and mesmerizing, however, they can be a nightmare energy efficiency wise when left untreated. Why is this the case? Untreated skylight openings can make your house uncomfortable during the summer, light enters your home and the window almost...

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    Turn your untreated skylights into something you can celebrate with our Balcony Skylights! When you leave your skylights untreated they can be big one of the biggest culprits of inefficiency in your home. When it's warm outside, the sun's UV rays can turn your home into an oven. While it's cold outside, energy escapes through your untreated opening. Our...

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