Bronze Hardware

Why Bronze Hardware?

Interested in upgrading your shades with stylish bronze hardware? If so, we encourage you to purchase our bronze hardware add on with your next order of our shades. Any visible components will come covered in bronze, including the string! This upgrade is only an extra $20 for each shade. It adds warmth to homes and offers a professional touch to businesses and offices. 

Lift Options With Bronze Hardware

  • Balcony Skylights
  • Cordless & Cordless Top Down Bottom Up
  • Motorized
  • Smoothy Top Down Bottom Up Cord Loop
  • Top Down Bottom Up
  • Smoothy Cord Loop
  • Standard


If you have questions about the bronze upgrade, give us a shout! Call us at 877-887-4239 and one of our designers can answer any questions that you may have. Want to see the bronze hardware for yourself? Just let us know and we can send you a free strip of bronze hardware so you can see what the application looks like for yourself before you order your window treatments!