Unsure of Where to Start? Here a Directory to Some of Our Resources that Might Help Answer Your Questions

How Accurate are the Colors?

We portray the colors on the site to the best of our ability. However, colors will vary from time to time. On the web, colors and certain textures cannot render properly on your computer monitor. This is why we suggest that you order free samplesbefore you place your order.

Free Samples, Tell Me More!

Like we said before, we encourage our customers to get samples prior to their order. This will allow you to check over the beauty of our colors, feel the fabric, and confidently decide what color shades will look absolutley marvelous in your room. To get your samples, visit our free samples page (link to this page). We can fit up to 10 samples in each envelope!

How Long Does it Take to Make My Shade?

Here at Symphony Shades, we try to fill our orders as quickly as we can. Due to the fact that we make our shades by hand, the production time takes around 10-15 business days. If you have a special request for your shade that’s outside of our normal production process, the order could take a little longer.

Do You Charge Sales Tax?

We collect sales tax for orders delivered to Vermont or New York. If the sales tax doesn’t show on your order, we will contact you and process the sales tax separately.

What Are Your Payment Options?

Before we can create your custom cellular shades, we must receive payment. Symphony Shades accepts Discover, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and PayPal payments. All of the payment data that is transferred over our system is safe, secure and encrypted. If you want to order over the phone with the assistance of a customer representative, you’re welcome to do so. Orders that are taken over the phone will require written verification on your end before we send your order through to production. Written verification can be done via E-mail, FAX or snail mail.

Can I Clean My Shades?

Yes, you can! Our shades have been designed to be durable and easy to clean. While they are built to repel dust, occasionally they might need cleaning to keep them looking good. Light filtering shades can be fully submerged in water to be washed. Blackout shades can be spot-treated. To get more information on how to clean our shades, check out our how to clean shade page.