Child Safe Window Treatments

About Our Child Safe Window Treatments

As a parent, you know that there many items that act as health hazards to your child. Were you aware that window treatments were one of these dangers? You want to keep you children safe, be proactive and follow some of our safety measures. specifically sells Symphony shades, which have many different child safe features. The Symphony line gives the end customer insulation and style while incorporating safety features for children. Michelle Graveline-Welch of has this to say about our commitment to safety “We are committed to child safety. Symphony Shades offer a durable cordless cellular shade that provides safety and ease of operation. We continue to develop solutions that improve child safety in window fashions.”

The shade option we recommend for all parents or pet owners is cordless. Cordless shades do not rely on cords to move up and down, all you need to do is give a small push or pull on the shade’s bottom rail and it will raise and lower.

Our cordless shades come in a wide variety of different fabric styles, both light filtering and blackout option. Another child-safe option that we recommend to our customers is motorized shades, they feature no strings that are exposed.

Do I Need to Replace My Current Treatments?

If you own a home and do not happen to have the child safe features that we mentioned early, we recommend replacement for shades that do not contain cords. Replacement might not be a feasible solution, if this is the case, make your shades safer by using cord tensioners and cord cleats.

A tensioner will come with our smoothy continuous cord shades; it will keep the cord tight against the window’s frame or the wall it’s against.

Cord cleats are an easy way to make your shade child-safe. All you need to do is wrap the excess cord around it. Doing this will prevent potential entanglement from the dangling cord.

Other Safety Precautions You Can Take to Protect Your Children and Pets

If you have a nursery or child’s bedroom, place their bed or crib away from the windows, even if the shades are cordless. If you do have cords that exist in the rest of your home, secure them against the wall to keep them away from children.

If you want more information about window treatments and child safety, please contact the team at at 877-887-4239.