Our customers frequently ask us why we take deductions for some orders. Deductions are necessary for some shades to ensure that the treatment covers the opening properly, you don’t want to have your shade get stuck or hang up on the window’s frame. We want to walk you through the different deductions for different mount types.

Inside Mounted Shades Without Sidetracks

When shade orders come in as inside mounts without sidetracks, we make the fabric and rails 3/8” shorter and narrower then what is ordered. Why is this? We do this to ensure that the shade fits rests within the window’s frame perfectly.

Inside Mounted Shades With Sidetracks

When shade orders come in for inside mounted windows that have the sidetrack features, our team will cut the rails and the fabric 7/8” narrower than the way they were ordered. This will allow the sidetracks to fit correctly inside the window’s frame

Outside Mounted Shades

If you order an outside mounted shade, it will have no deductions. They will come exactly as they have been ordered; we suggest you order these shades slightly larger than the glass that you are trying to cover. This will ensure full privacy and better light control. Want to learn more about our shades or have any questions regarding our deductions? Contact a member of our customer service team at 877-887-4239.