How to Choose Skylight Shades

Balcony Skylights                                     Daylight Skylights 

Balcony Skylight Features

These shades have been specifically designed for small skylight openings; they will cover less of the treatment’s opening when it’s fully covered. Balcony skylight shades operate with a retainer track and two tensions strings that run through the shade’s fabric. It also allows the fabric to stay taught in slanted openings while continuing to remain a simple solution at the same time. This shade is also very versatile, it can mount to stack at the bottom and top, or it can run from left to right.

Daylight Skylight Features

Daylight shades have been built specifically for larger skylight openings. Our Daylight skylights cover larger spaces than most available skylight treatments in the market. They come with cable guides that will run through the fabric and metal frames.

Fabric Options

Both of the aforementioned options are available in a variety of different fabrics. The Daylight skylights come in light filtering and blackout double cell fabrics. The Balcony skylights come in single cell and double cell fabrics in both light fettering and blackout options.

Installation for Balcony Skylights

Because Balcony skylights are smaller in size, they have fewer components. This means that these shades are easier to install than the Daylight skylights.

Installation for Daylight Skylights

Are generally more expensive because they have more components.

Daylight Shades Have Been Discontinued

Please note that as of July 2015, we've discountinued our Daylight Skylight system!