Window Quilts

Pros of Window Quilts:

Like our Symphony Shades, these quilts have outstanding insulating properties. Window quilts help seal windows because of their heavy duty material. In addition to having amazing energy efficient properties, this type of treatment does a very good job at reducing noise.

Cons of Window Quilts:

Unlike our cellular shades, window quilts are very difficult to install. Throughout the lifetime of this treatment, it will also need a significant amount of maintenance. Stains do not come off these quilts easily and they soak up a great deal of condensation in the air.

Comparing the Two, Window Quilts Versus Symphony Shades


 Insulation Out of the available treatments on the open market, these perhaps do the best job when it comes to insulation.   This type of treatment keeps the cool air in along with the heat. It acts just like a blanket which helps you save on utility bills year round. 
Light Control This treatment does a good job at keeping the room dark. It does not, however, light much natural light flow through the room.  This type of treatment gives you the ultimate control when it comes to light. Dependent on the features and fabric you choose, it can meet your exact requirements. 
Cleanability  Very difficult to clean. Stains are nearly impossible to remove. Is dust resistant and can be washed and vacuumed. 
Installation  Needs to have an exact configuration and can be hard to put into place.  Installation is a breeze, can be up covering your window in a matter of minutes. 
Hardware It all depends on what material is being used and the quality of the window quilt. High quality stainless steel brackets. 
Ideal Use For the interiors of isolated homes or homes in very cold climates. For all interior windows for homeowners in need of light control, privacy and insulation. 
Shade Operation Quilt is very heavy, can be difficult to lift alone Simple to move up and down. Has numerous operating mechanisms. 
Shade Stack Large roll that’s 4” to 6” in diameter. 2-4” (fabric and rail) 

Durability  Its dependent on the quality of the quilt and where you purchase it from.   This fabric type has been specifically designed to last more than 15 years. 
Warranty  Is dependent on the retailer you purchase it from.   10 year warranty. 

Who’s Our Winner?

Our choice is Symphony cellular shades! Why is this? They have incredibly durable, easy to install and maintain and have insulating features that will help you save on your utility bills throughout the year.