Vertical Blinds


For homeowners with sliding glass doors or large window expanses, vertical blinds perform very well. Because they move side to side, they help with directional privacy and moderate light control.


One of the major complaints that our customers have is that these verticals often seem like they can be in the way. They also aren’t as durable as many other available treatments on the current market, meaning they break down often. Another thing you want to keep in mind is that they have relatively poor insulating prosperities.

 Insulation Will guide cool air into the room or cooled room air towards the hot window with its tilted veins.  Can trap both the heat and the cold between the shade and the window. It acts almost like a blanket.
Light Control Light is controlled by this treatment’s veins. Complete blackout is rarely achievable.  This option comes with numerous options that can control the light based on your desired preferences
Cleanability  Is washable, it’s small crevices attract dust, however.  Resistant to dust, these shades can be vacuumed as well. Light filtering fabrics can be washed regularly. 
Installation  Its vertical track can be difficult to install. The cheaper hardware can potentially break during installation.  Easy to install, these shades only need two brackets.
Hardware The plastic clips and veins become brittle over time. Come with quality stainless steel brackets.
Ideal Use A good treatment for those who live in warm climates and need to reduce solar gain.  Works well for both interior and exterior windows. Great for privacy, light control and insulation. 
Shade Operation Chain loop closes and opens the whole shade. The spate mechanism rotates the veins.  Has many available options which include cordless, heavy duty cord loop along with others.
Shade Stack All is dependent on the material and shade configuration.  2-4” (rails and fabric)

Durability  The plastic veins will be brittle and may break down over time. They can be difficult to replace and hard to match.   Our shades are designed to last 15+ years due to the materials inside these shades. 
Warranty  Usually with a 1-3 year warranty. 10 Year warranty 

Your Winner is....

Symphony cellular shades! They are very efficient, and help homeowners save on their utility bills year round. To learn more about our shades, contact us today at (877) 877-4239 and talk to one of our designers.