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There are children and pets in my home. Are some window treatments more child-safe than others?

Absolutely! In fact, cordless shades are the only 100% child-safe window treatment available. No exposed cords means there is no risk of children and pets getting tangled up and hurt by the shade. You can learn all about our child-safetly features here. 

How do window shades play a role in saving energy?

Symphony shades are designed to restrict heat transfer between the inside of your home and the outdoors. Air trapped between the cells that make up the fabric provide great insulation, so heat doesn't escape during the winter(link to icy window cure page) and it doesn't enter during the summer (link to cool window shades page)! Our highest insulating shade has an R-value of 4.7, but all of our shades will help you save money on your energy bills all year long. 

I've seen other insulating shades on the market. Are yours the best choice?

We honestly believe so! We use the industry's highest-quality fabric and parts to hand-craft every shade exactly to order. There are other types of shades out there, but they do not hold up over time. We encourage you to read more about how our shade measure up against others, or take a look at our photo gallery to see what we're talking about! 

Will my shades be the exact measurements that I provide? Are there allowances for clearance?

Some shades require deductions to ensure that they fit properly within the window frame. When you provide your measurements, we ask that you provide exactly what you measure at home. Our production team knows exactly how much fabric to deduct to allow for clearance. Learn more about our deductions here.

I need to know the name of a specific part of my shade. Where might I find this information?

Unfamiliar with some of the technology? Check out our glossary page!

My window is really large. Can I still get a shade for it?

We've got you covered. Our Smoothy Continuous Cord Loop shade can be built up to 110" wide and 120" long! If your window is even wider than that, you can divide the opening into two or more shades and still enjoy the aesthetic and functional benefits they have to offer.

I've got casement windows. Can I still use these shades?

More than likely! Whether you mount your shade on the outside of the frame, swap out your crank with a T handle or folding crank, or perhaps you have enough mounting space as it is, chances are you can still install a Symphony Shade on your casement window. Take a look at our casement window page for more info!