Extension Poles for Shades

Extension Poles

Skylight Extension Pole

Skylight shade openings are BEAUTIFUL, but how in the world are you going to lower and raise your shades? Our skylight extension pole will allow you to lower and raise your balcony treatments with ease. This particular treatment is designed to work with balcony skylights shades but it may work with other similar skylight systems.

This extension pole is collapsible, making storage a BREEZE. Available in both 6 and 12 foot sizes, you can reach virtually any difficult to reach window treatment. Ready to learn more? Visit the product page below.

Symphony Cordless Extension Pole

Our cordless extension pole has been engineered to specifically work with Symphony cordless cellular shades. If you have a cordless shade that’s in a difficult to reach area of your home, then utilize this cordless extension pole. Our cordless extension pole is available in both 6 and 12 foot lengths. What’s nice and convenient about this extension pole is that it is very easy to store since it’s collapsible.

To learn more about this extension pole and to see pricing, visit the product page below. 

Arch Extension Pole

For those who have arch openings in their home, you are so lucky to have them! Due to the nature of the arch shades, most of them are located in a difficult to reach area of your home. If you happen to have a shade in one of these difficult to reach places, that's where our arch shades come in to play! Like the rest of our extension poles, this pole is available in 6 foot and 12 foot increments and can collapse and store very easily. 

To learn more and to see additional product photos, visit the product page listed below.