How to Choose the Right Fabric for Your Window

Need help picking out the right fabric for your windows? No worries follow our step by step guide and we’ll guide you to the perfect solution!

Fabric Types:

The image below depicts all of the available fabric types. The R-Values indicated include double pane glass. Click here to learn more about our R-Value factors.

Choosing By Type of Room:

Bedrooms and Media Rooms:

For bedrooms, media rooms and anywhere else in your home where light isn’t welcome, we recommend our blackout fabrics. Blackout fabrics will allow you to immerse yourself in complete darkness. The two fabrics that we provide that are blackout are our double cell and single cell blackout fabrics. Shades featuring the sidetrack application will provide you with superior darkening, creating a seal around your window!

Living Rooms, Bathrooms and Offices

For rooms and areas of your home where light is wanted and welcome, we recommend light filtering fabrics! Light filtering fabrics will naturally let light into your home and brighten up the space. Light filtering fabrics will also make your space appear much larger, they are perfect at cutting away glare from TV and computer screens.