Skylight Measuring Guide

Our skylight track system is designed for any ceiling pitch or skylight angle, but the key to a perfectly-fitting Symphony skylight shade is the make sure your skylight opening is square. 

Take the diagonal measurements of your mounting space by measuring from the top right corned to the bottom left corner, and then the top left corner to the bottom right corner. If the two measurements are within 1/4" of each other, your window is square and the track system will fit just fine! If there is greater than a 1/4" difference, you will need to shim the opening so that your shade measurements are more equal and the track fits properly.

Once you know that the diagonal measurements are even, you can move on to the width and length!

Width: Take your measurements inside the frame, from one edge to the other, where you intend on mounting your shade. It may help to mark this area in pencil if you have a lot of mounting space to choose from. Measure in three places: the top, middle, and bottom of the opening. Be sure to write them all down, and then mark the narrowest width that you took.

Length: Take your measurements inside the frame, from the top edge to the bottom edge, where you intend on mounting the shade. Measure in three places: the left, middle, and right. Chart your measurements and mark the shortest length.

Provide the narrowest width and the shortest length when ordering your shades.

Use our skylight measuring instructions PDF to keep track of your measurements!