Ok, so you *might* have noticed already, but BIG things are happening!

But first… no, no, no… we’re not changing. Not in any of the ways that are important to you, that is. We’re still the same small, family-owned Vermont business, making the same super-high-quality, super-durable, super-insulating cellular window shades! That will never change.

What has changed? We’ve built a brand new website that will allow us to do MORE for you! And we’ve changed the brand name of our cellular shades. Same amazing shades, brand new name!


Same, SNAZZY Stylin’ Shades, but with oh so much MORE!

More options!

Easier ordering!

BIGGER discounts!

You fell in love with our superior insulating Symphony Shades,….(We don’t blame ya there…)

They’re stylish, super energy efficient and dare we say…

Same Stunning Cellular Shades

And those haven’t changed a bit! I mean, why mess with perfection, right? 😉 But NOW…..we have even MORE shades to choose from! Allow us to introduce you to our ravishing, reliable….

New EcoSmart Roller Shades!

I know, riiiiiiight?

These shades rock AND roll……

SoooOoo…we know change is difficult. We get it. Just keep in mind…

We are the SAME friendly, helpful people you know and love… just working hard to offer you even MORE shading options, an easier way to price and order your shades, and introductory pricing that can’t be beat. Check out the new site today, and let us know what you think!

Do you hear that?!

You’re magical shade makers are whistling while they work!

Our team says it helps them stay focused, and THAT means you’ll be getting your Symphony Shades exactly the way you ordered them.

Our Shades are SO insulating, SO stylish…SO popular, that our production lead time right now is 5 weeks.

That being said, it goes without saying (but we’re gonna say it anyway), 

…for your patience! We promise to make it worth the wait!

Do you have questions? We will be happy to answer!
Or Give us a Call: 877-887-4239 

Meet Andrew!

A company is only as good as its team members and we have an all-star team. And we would like to introduce you to Andrew, or Drew if you’re into the whole brevity thing…

Hiking near Killington, VT on an early Autumn day.

Hi, I’m Andrew and I work in customer service here at! When I’m not helping our customers get the absolute most from their shades, you can find me roaming around the various wooded walking and hiking trails in and around northern Vermont on foot, cross country skis or my fat bike.

If the weather isn’t so great (which happens from time to time here in the Green Mountain State ?) I like to read science fiction and fantasy novels, and play games (video games, board games, Dungeons and Dragons; ALL of them!). I also appreciate anything and everything McElroy related.”

Hiking along the Long Trail in Hancock,Vermont,

What do you love about working at Symphony Shades?”

“One of the best parts about providing customer service here at is chatting with all the people who have our shades in their homes for DECADES.  They often think that because a cord broke, or because their cat loves to hang off of the shade, that they will need to replace the shades entirely.  Which is SO not true! Helping people repair/refresh these shades to their former glory,  and proving the longevity of our shades always brings a smile to my face.” ?

So the next time you call, email or chat with Andrew, you can put a face to the name!


Making Their Lives EASIER- Shade Makeover!

Check out this winning combination of motorized shades and corded Symphony Shades!

Our customer Jim, his life is easy peasy lemon squeezy with our motorized shades. Our Symphony Shades run off of either a battery pack or a 12-V plug-in transformer, and can be controlled by a remote, wall switch, timer, or even with a sun sensor! Or in other words……MAGIC!

Chat with one of our shady gurus today! 877-887-4239

A Sale with a Difference

Helping Those In Need

We’ve ALL been challenged this year… in ways we probably never imagined! Here at, we’ve faced obstacles – both professional and personal – of seemingly every kind. We know how lucky we are, though. We’ve survived… in many ways, we’ve even come through this stronger than ever.

Not everyone is so fortunate. Many are struggling, and we want to help. Through the end of the year, not only are we offering you, our beloved customers, 40% off your purchase of beautiful new cellular shades, but we’re also donating a portion of each sale to COTS (Committee on Temporary Shelter).

If you’ve been thinking about dressing up those windows in fabulous style and ultimate warmth, why not now? Together, we CAN make a difference!

So… About Those “Obstacles”…

No doubt about it, things are not “normal” right now. I think we can all agree on that! In our world, supply chains are slowed, shipping times are less predictable, safety procedures affect all aspects of shade building, and frankly, our staff needs a little time to spend with family and to gear up for what we expect to be a gangbusters 2021.

In our continuing tradition of total transparency, we want you to know upfront that new orders are not expected to ship until late January or early February. We know, we know… that’s not exactly ideal for some of you, and we would put this topsy-turvy world right back on it’s proper axis for you if we could! But right now, we have to ask… can you spare a little extra patience? We sure do appreciate it, and we promise to build you amazing, durable, handcrafted shades that will be worth the wait!

The 50% OFF Sale is BACK!

We’ve Only Done This ONCE Before!

Don’t get us wrong… we’d LOVE to offer our gorgeous, handcrafted shades at half-price ALL THE TIME. Alas, that’s just not possible. In fact, the only time we’ve dared to do so was during “The Period That Shall Not Be Named”, when we had to temporarily halt production this past April and May. After all, we asked you to be remarkably patient, and we wanted to reward you for your loyalty and understanding.

So Why Bring the Sale Back Now?

Well, of course we want to give you a great Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal. That goes without saying! Yet we’re going above and beyond because, again, we need to ask you for just a wee bit of patience. We are open, fully staffed, and building shades better and faster than ever. However, other parts of this crazy world – in this most unusual of years – are once again slightly off kilter.

Some of our supplies are arriving more slowly than normal. Shipping times are a tad more unpredictable. We pride ourselves on being completely upfront and transparent, and we can’t currently guarantee order completion dates any earlier than mid-to-late January. But if you have some flexibility on your delivery date, we’ve soooo got your deal, and we’d be delighted if you’d take advantage of the best prices we’ve ever offered!


Everyone is need of some gooooooooood news. Amirite?

Ready for good news times 3?

  • Let’s talk about money savings. 
  • Oh and ENERGY savings. 
  • And environmental conservation!


Your outdated, drafty windows are costing you SERIOUS dough! Not sourdough, that everyone has been obsessed with during the pandemic, I’m talkin’ MONEY! 

And we get it, replacing those energy-suckers is BIG bucks! HUGE. The cost of window replacement for 10 vinyl windows is on the upward of $15,955. 

I need to sit down for a minute…pheeeewww….that number is even too big to type. *deep breaths*
THIS is what Symphony Shades will do for you and your home:

  • Cut utility costs all year long.
  • Our shades will actually pay you back (unlike your teenager). 
  • Provide Privacy
  • Reduce Solar Glare/Gain

HOW, You ask? They are SO Super DUPER energy efficient!!

Ok, let’s talk averages here… it costs about $1,300 to heat an American home each year. And here in the Northeast, I’ll share with you … my monthly (yes! Monthly. every month of the year. All twelve of em) propane bill was $220….

Add that up! $2640 a YEAR!! Whhhhhhhhhhaaaa? Insanity. That dough is going out your drafty, energy sucking windows!

Stop doing this.

That’s until I fitted my home with these insulating shades. I’ve saved almost $700 annually since I put these babies up. YEAH!

Every Symphony Shade that leaves our factory, is laden with insulating cells that insulate your windows to reduce energy consumption during Summer, Winter, and every season in between.

Our shades have a payback period of roughly 5 yrs – they pay YOU BACK! <–read that again, and out loud!

Ok so, ya know who else could use a break from doing all the heavy lifting in your home? Your air conditioners and heating systems.

They deserve a break. And when they aren’t working SO hard trying to maintain a comfortable home for you, they will last you longer. Which will reduce the frequency of replacement and costly repairs.

More money staying in your pocket. YES!?

With Symphony Shades you’ll reduce your energy usage, increase your money savings, reduce your carbon footprint, making your home an insulating powerhouse and become more eco-friendly with each Symphony Shade. Ya wanna know what else? Each Symphony Shade purchase is supporting a small business. Small businesses like ours is the fabric of USA. And we are so proud to handcraft a quality product that will be used for years(decades!) to come.


You win with more money in your pocket. Your house reduces it’s energy usage. The world wins.



Woohoo! We’re back to full production capacity, while carefully following all CDC safety guidelines, of course. As a result, we’re furiously working away at the backlog of orders placed while we were unable to operate (thank you so much for your faith and your patience!!!).

It remains somewhat difficult to determine precise production times for new orders. Our current estimate? Orders placed today will ship in approximately 3 weeks. And we’ve added new staff and taken other measures to try to reduce our turnaround times even further!

As always, please continue to reach out with any questions. And again, thank you so very much for the tremendous support we’ve received!

You KNEW it had to happen.

What’s that ol’ saying? “All Good Things Must Come to End?”
Well, that time is now, our Symphony shady friends.

*insert sad trombone noise*

We’ve NEVER offered this kinda discount before. EVER!
Our 50% sale was a temporary response to the global pandemic, and it’s not something we can sustain under “normal” operating conditions.

The SUPER news? We’re back in full production mode, which is VERY exciting! WOO HOOOOOooOOOOO!

It was our great pleasure to do what we could to help, and to honor your patience and loyalty to our small American manufacturing business. Truly!

It might sound trite, but we ARE all in this together.

Thank YOU, our amazing family!

Wait, you say you need MORE time?

If you know us at all, you know we want you to be thrilled with your purchase. We want it to be perfect for you. Do you need to order samples, so you can choose your ideal fabric color?


Are you worried about rushing your window measurements?

Pffft… relax! Take your time and get things just right.

Simply shoot us an email and we’ll happily extend the 50% discount for you! (OK, maybe not for months – but for any reasonable period. 🙂 )

Oh YES We’re making PROGRESS!

Hello all of our SUPER Symphony Shade friends!

In our continuing effort to keep you updated on new developments, here’s the latest…
Our little state of Vermont, is still on a promising trajectory, and certain industries are slowly opening up more and more. One of those is manufacturing, including our shade production facility. Yippie!

We’re still limited as to the number of people allowed in the building at any one time, and of course, we’re carefully following all CDC safety guidelines. As a result – and also due to the phenomenal response to our 50% OFF SALE (Thank you VERY much!!!) – it remains somewhat difficult to determine precise production times for new orders.

Our best guess? Orders placed today will ship in approximately 4 weeks. However, as restrictions continue to be relaxed, this could certainly change for the better!

Pre-Pandemic Dance Interlude.

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions, winning lottery ticket numbers, cute animal photos, ADORABLE family photos/videos, or if you just need to chat with someone really, really cool.

And again, thank you so very much for your patience and for the tremendous support we’ve received! VIVA LA SYMPHONY SHADES!