You’ll be lovin’ life with the top down.


We all know the pure joy and freedom that is felt, when we ride around in a convertible. The wind blowing our hair, Sun on our shoulders, yet still with the protection of the windshield. It’s kinda the same feeling you’ll achieve with Top Down/Bottom Up shades.

The most versatile way to balance both privacy and light control is a top down/bottom up shade. Or if you’re into the whole brevity thing, TDBU.

This operating system allows you to raise and lower your shades from both the top and bottom.  With this system, you have the power to create the most perfect balance between natural sunlight and privacy. It’s effortless. Wanna show off your dancing shoes and keep your identity safe? Want to see what the weather is like, once you step out of the shower, and NOT scare the bejesus outta your neighbors? Then TDBU shades are for YOU!

These shades mount at the top of the window frame, just like our regular shades, but they come with a middle bar beneath the headrail that allows you to lower the shade from the top of the window, as well as the traditional “bottom up” direction.

TDBU is also known as “duofold,” this multi-directional function can be applied to numerous  cord/fabric options.


Standard TDBU Double Cell Room-Darkening Shades 

Standard TDBU Double Cell Light-Filtering Shades

Standard TDBU Single Cell Light Filtering Shades

Standard TDBU Single Cell Room Darkening Shades

Double the cords, double the fun! Our most economical shade; it operates up and down with the pull of standard cords.

SMOOTHY(Continuous Cord) OPTIONS:

Smoothy TDBU Double Cell Room Darkening Shades

Smoothy TDBU Double Cell Light-Filtering Shades

Smoothy TDBU Single Cell Light Filtering Shades

Smoothy TDBU Single Cell Room Darkening Shades

Our Smoothy cord lift comes with a heavy duty clutch and thick cord loop, making the operation for large windows smooooooooothe and simple.


Cordless TDBU Double Cell Light Filtering Shades

Cordless TDBU Single Cell Room Darkening Shades

Cordless TDBU Single Cell Light Filtering Shades

Cordless TDBU shades offer luxury, simplicity, and efficiency all-in-one.


TDBU is becoming one of THE MOST popular operations among all window treatments because of its extreme versatility and is an ideal treatment for a wide range of rooms and lighting conditions.

Soooo..order today and you’ll LOVE letting the TOP DOWN!

Sleep is important. DUH.

If the average night’s sleep is 8 hours, a person sleeps for 1/3rd of their life.
And let’s say, you live to be 75 yrs old, you’ll be cozy in bed, snoooozing for 25 years.
9,125 days.
An average of 25-33 yrs of our lives in bed. WOW!
SOOooo, making yourself and your bedroom as comfortable as possible is super duper important.
After your bed, your bedroom window treatments are the most important choice you’ll make.
ZealousFlawlessKakarikis-max-1mbLet’s get you sleeping sweetly!
Symphony  Blackout Shades have superior light-blocking fabric that we acquire from Comfortex.
Our Blackout Shades were specifically designed to help you enjoy the most restful night’s sleep.
I don’t know about you, but I am SO light sensitive. Sleep masks don’t work. Putting a pillow over my head, makes me feel like I’m suffocating; not sooo calming of a sleep environment.4GDY
And think about, sleep deprivation is used as torture. GAH!
Research has proven that sleeping in a dark, quiet room can help manage not only sleep, but also mood and energy. The results of a good night’s sleep include feeling more refreshed and alert.
To encourage a solid night’s sleep, other tips include: 
  • Reduce light(blue light) exposure in the evening Blue light, which electronic devices like ipads, smartphones and computers emit in HUGE amounts, is the worst for sleepy time. Say goodnight to your devices an hour before you hit the hay. I know, I know, but it’s a great habit to start. Your brain will thank us. Reducing light in the evening will have a major impact on your circadian rhythm. When you are exposed to massive amounts of light in the evening, that light is tricking your brain into thinking it is still daytime. EEK! It will actually reduce your natural hormone response of melatonin, which helps you relax, mellow out, chill, and get deep sleep.
  • Don’t drink or eat caffeine later in the day  We ALL love it. Some of us can admit to being addicted to that dark, rich seductress, coffee. giphyA single dose will enhance energy, focus, mood, and energy. Here comes the bummer news, when enjoyed later in the day, coffee, that dark addictive lord, (and other caffeinated products) stimulates your nervous system and stops your body from naturally relaxing at night. In one study, consuming caffeine up to 6 hours before bed,  significantly made people toss and turn! Your quality of sleep WILL plummet.
  • Create a solid sleep pattern you can stick to:
    We’ve already talked about your bod’s circadian rhythm functions . Well let’s get them on a schedule, people! Try aligning it with sunrise and sunset. (I know it sounds insane, but keep reading)
    Just be consistent with your sleep and waking times. Try it for just a week. Go to bed every night at ___pm. Set the alarm at the same time every morning ___am. This will get you cruising on a super highway of sound sleeping. Ya know, it’s been studied that after several weeks on a schedule, you may not even need an alarm. YIPPPIE!!!!!!
    giphy (1)
  •  Optimize your bedroom vibe:
    When I say vibe, I’m referring to the bedroom environment. Not too warm, not too cool. External lights, outside(or inside) noise factors, and furniture arrangement. Many MANY studies point out that external noise such as traffic, can cause poor sleep and long-term health issues. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP NOOOO!  A study on the bedroom environment of women, around 50% of volunteers, noticed improved sleep quality when noise and light was reduced. Seems obvious to us. Quiet, peaceful = sleepy time! Let’s get your bedroom environment cozy. Minimize external noise, light and artificial lights from devices like alarm clocks. Make sure your bedroom is a quiet, relaxing, clean, and enjoyable place where you want to be. That’s SUPER important.

Symphony Blackout Shades, with our exclusive sidetrack/energy saving system, blocks light from entering along the edges of blinds. The tops of our shades are sealed in by a fuzzy seal to block even MORE exterior light at the top of the shade. The sidetrack system is attached magnetically and is easy to pop off for cleaning the window treatments. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!CELL-305-SlumberShadeHand-NoFuzz

Ok so your quality of sleep will improve being in a nice, daaarrrrk bedroom. The energy saving/light blocking sidetracks are also energy efficient! WOOO HOOOOOOOOO! The tracks block air leaks as well as light. These window treatments have an R Value of almost 7.0 when installed over double-pane vinyl windows!
  • Standard Pull Cord
  • Standard Top Down Bottom Up
  • Smoothy Continuous Cord
  • Smoothy Top Down/Bottom up
Our blackout fabric comes in a variety of colors, and always with the neutral white facing the street. They are best suited for day sleepers, 3rd shifters,  baby rooms and home theater rooms, as well as office environments where presentations are made. Annnnd anyone that enjoys a GREAT afternoon nap. *wink*
Ok so, let’s get you sleeping! I WANNA HERE YOU SNOOOOOOOORE! Teams Up With Veterans Count to Make a Difference for Memorial Day

About Veterans Count:

“Their mission is to provide critical and timely financial assistance and services when no other resource is available to veterans, service members and their families, to ensure their dignity, health and overall well-being. They continue to ensure that 90% of every net dollar raised for Veterans Count is spent to provide services and grow resources for VT/NH veterans, service members and their families. The program provides critical resources to veterans of all eras and their families. Care Coordinators work with individuals and families to create a care plan toward self sufficiency. Since ESNH launched the program, more than 10,000 individuals have been served. Philanthropic dollars, totaling more than $3.3 million, have been distributed to provide financial support that may include food, home maintenance, housing, rent, fuel assistance, utilities, vehicle repair, gasoline, medical bills, and child care.” – courtesy of


At, we want to support those who have sacrificed so much: is donating 5% of every purchase to through the end of May. And to make it even easier to purchase world-class cellular shades while also helping those who serve/served and their families, we’re giving our customers 25% off every order!


Help Our Vets and Their Families for Memorial Day!


Veterans Count – a branch program of Easterseals – tirelessly supports veterans and their families:
  • Emergency Financial Assistance (housing, food, fuel assistance, gas, vehicle repair…)
  • Deployment Support
  • Substance Abuse Services
  • Employment Counseling
  • Mental Health Support
 “I wanted to be able to handle it all and do it all without needing any help whatsoever. So having Easter Seals Veterans Count come into my home was unexpected. We sat down that first time and kind of mapped out exactly what I was having problems with, what was overwhelming for me, and they really worked to ease that 100%. The extra help eases a lot of stress on my husband’s end too, knowing that we are OK here.”
—Julianna Mother of three, husband Dustin served in Iraq is so proud to support this amazing organization, Veterans Count; a truly effective means to make a profound and immediate impact in the lives of our military families. This Memorial Day support our veterans and support local business!


Thank you to every member of our armed service past, present and future! We are eternally grateful for you.

Stack Heights – How Thick Will Your Shade Be?

Cordless Double Cell Light Filtering Stack Height
The stack height is how thick the entire shade is when it’s fully compressed.

Stack Height: The distance from the bottom of the bottom rail to the top of the headrail of a window treatment that is fully raised up to the top of the window.

Knowing Stack Height Helps to:

  1. Determine where you should hang your shade above doors or window frames.
  2. Envision how much space at the top of the window will be blocked by the shade.
  3. Decide which type of shade to get in the first place!


Use Your Shades to Trap Solar Heat!

If you already have cellular shades, chances are you’re into saving energy. And maybe you’re into saving some money, too! After all, 20% of the heating bill flies right out the window unless they’re covered with any sort of insulating material.

So you know how cellular shades reduce energy transfer by keeping your heat from escaping out into the cold. BUT, do you know how to use your shades to actually get free heat? Allow us to introduce: Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (aka SHGC).

Beautiful Views In New Mexico!

New Mexico sure is a beautiful place! The varying temperatures and environmental changes really require some help from cellular shades, as the hot sun beams in during the summer,  and to provide insulation in the winter. One of our wonderful customers shared these pictures with us, and shows how handsome and clean shades can look! They can be dressed up with curtains, or left simple, the way this customer has left them.



Our Customers Share Their Shades!

Our customers come from all over the world! Their shades provide them with insulation, ambiance, and protection from the sun. We love seeing the variety of uses, and to see how different all the rooms look! Whether your home, office, or business is little or large, our shades can help you out! Please visit us today and learn more about how we can help!

Meet the Folks behind Your Shades!

President - Kelly
President – Kelly is a local, family owned and operated business here in beautiful Vermont. The entire team consists of under 25 people. We have staff making the shades in production, Erin and Emily are in Web assisting with your orders and questions, and Kelly the President works closely with Brian the Vice President, keeping everything running smoothly. We like to keep our team small, so we are all informed and can keep our process intimate and concise!

Web Team - Erin
Web Team – Erin

We love working with customers because we do pride ourselves with the quality of our product! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your business! We look forward to staying connected to our customers, so if you have a story to share with us or would send us a picture of your shades, we would love to see them!


The Symphony Shades Team


Child Safety With Cellular Shades


Child Safety is important to anyone who lives with or cares for a small child. Too many reports show children getting caught up in strings and cords, with unfortunate consequences. Our Standard shades come with equalizer boxes, or cord connectors: different names – same purpose! These handy little boxes, which look more like maracas, connect cord ends and come apart with slight pressure.
Maybe you have a rascal of a cat who loves to jump around and get hung up in the cords? Well her fun will soon be over because it doesn’t take a ton of pressure to detach. We also offer cord cleats which allow you to wrap your cords in a figure 8 pattern, to help keep them secure on the wall. Even if cords aren’t your worry, or even what you fancy, we have plenty of other options to choose from. Smoothy Cord loops have a rope-look and Cordless shades have no cords!

Another advantage of our cellular shades is the design of the actual shade. It is a solid finish, with no gaps and spaces. Blinds for instance, open up to let the light in, through horizontal panels, but those gaps are another hazard for a child. Not to mention, blinds are often hard to the touch made of aluminum which can cause more pain to anyone or any animal getting caught between the panels.
Our cellular shades are some of the safest shades by our standards. If secured properly, and using the best cord feature for your needs, you can be sure to have a pleasant experience for everyone in the family.