Woohoo! We’re back to full production capacity, while carefully following all CDC safety guidelines, of course. As a result, we’re furiously working away at the backlog of orders placed while we were unable to operate (thank you so much for your faith and your patience!!!).

It remains somewhat difficult to determine precise production times for new orders. Our current estimate? Orders placed today will ship in approximately 3 weeks. And we’ve added new staff and taken other measures to try to reduce our turnaround times even further!

As always, please continue to reach out with any questions. And again, thank you so very much for the tremendous support we’ve received!

You KNEW it had to happen.

What’s that ol’ saying? “All Good Things Must Come to End?”
Well, that time is now, our Symphony shady friends.

*insert sad trombone noise*

We’ve NEVER offered this kinda discount before. EVER!
Our 50% sale was a temporary response to the global pandemic, and it’s not something we can sustain under “normal” operating conditions.

The SUPER news? We’re back in full production mode, which is VERY exciting! WOO HOOOOOooOOOOO!

It was our great pleasure to do what we could to help, and to honor your patience and loyalty to our small American manufacturing business. Truly!

It might sound trite, but we ARE all in this together.

Thank YOU, our amazing family!

Wait, you say you need MORE time?

If you know us at all, you know we want you to be thrilled with your purchase. We want it to be perfect for you. Do you need to order samples, so you can choose your ideal fabric color?


Are you worried about rushing your window measurements?

Pffft… relax! Take your time and get things just right.

Simply shoot us an email and we’ll happily extend the 50% discount for you! (OK, maybe not for months – but for any reasonable period. 🙂 )

Oh YES We’re making PROGRESS!

Hello all of our SUPER Symphony Shade friends!

In our continuing effort to keep you updated on new developments, here’s the latest…
Our little state of Vermont, is still on a promising trajectory, and certain industries are slowly opening up more and more. One of those is manufacturing, including our shade production facility. Yippie!

We’re still limited as to the number of people allowed in the building at any one time, and of course, we’re carefully following all CDC safety guidelines. As a result – and also due to the phenomenal response to our 50% OFF SALE (Thank you VERY much!!!) – it remains somewhat difficult to determine precise production times for new orders.

Our best guess? Orders placed today will ship in approximately 4 weeks. However, as restrictions continue to be relaxed, this could certainly change for the better!

Pre-Pandemic Dance Interlude.

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions, winning lottery ticket numbers, cute animal photos, ADORABLE family photos/videos, or if you just need to chat with someone really, really cool.

And again, thank you so very much for your patience and for the tremendous support we’ve received! VIVA LA SYMPHONY SHADES!


Great news! We’re building shades again! Our beautiful state of Vermont seems to be past the worst of the pandemic, and some businesses are being allowed to resume operations while still following CDC guidelines for safety.

What that means for us is, we can have a limited number of people in the building at any one time producing and shipping new shades. Yay! We’re going to make the most of this, with multiple shifts and smart planning, and it should allow us to catch up on orders within a matter of weeks.

As we adjust to this new way of doing things, we should quickly get a feel for more specific time frames for each order, and we’ll provide additional updates as this occurs.

Once again, thank you so much for the amazing support we’ve received throughout this unusual period. We’re thrilled to be one step closer to delivering beautiful new shades to our faithful Symphony friends!

Update from Symphony’s President!

Hi Valued Family!

As promised in my last note, I am reaching out because there has been a new development in our situation. On Friday, we received the great news that Vermont’s numbers for Covid-19 cases are tracking better than predicted in the best case scenario! This is largely credited to our state’s “Stay Home – Stay Safe” policies. In order to continue the trend and beat this thing completely, our Governor has decided to extend the order through 5/15, at which time we expect to be running full speed getting shades built and out the door to you!

I understand that this extension can be frustrating for some of you. And believe me, all I want is to get my team back to work just as quickly as it’s safe to do so! I truly appreciate the outpouring of support we have received from clients like you.

The fact that you show such caring for this small Vermont manufacturer and are willing to work with us through this uncertainty makes me confident that all of us will make it through this… together!

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. I am here for you.



COVID-19 UPDATE 3/26/2020

Dear Symphony Shades Family,

The state of Vermont has recently issued a directive to temporarily close all non-essential businesses. We believe these closures will help get our nation back to normal more quickly, and so in our efforts to be a part of the solution are complying with the directive.

What this means is that our admin staff will be working from home and here to help as normal! We can answer questions, get you an estimate, and take orders. What we are not able to do at this time is guarantee a delivery date for your shades. However, we absolutely commit to above-average communication as we navigate these next few weeks. We will keep in touch to let you know the status of your order.

We’ll also post new announcements at our website as our status changes. In addition, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns – or to have company updates personally emailed to you. We would love to keep in touch and to know that you are safe and well during this unusual period. In all sincerity, we’d be happy just to chat if you’d like somebody to talk to!

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and for the outpouring of well-wishes our small Vermont company has already received. You are in our thoughts, and we hope for the very best for each of you as we all pull through this together!


Your Friends at

How are you, our ‘shady’ family?

Hello Symphony Shades family,

How are you doing?

I hope everyone takes a moment to take in some Sun and delicious fresh air when you can.

My name is Kelly Clements, and I am the president of Our company is a small manufacturing business based in the green mountains of Vermont, where we have been passionately building custom window coverings since 1986. I care deeply about my team and each of our valued clients. As such, I have been working hard to do what’s right to keep our entire team healthy during this time, while still building and shipping our clients’ shades in a timely manner. As of now, our production team is keeping up with demand, and using staggered shifts, we are able to maintain appropriate social distance.

Our customer service and admin teams are working from home and here to assist you as always… or even just to chat!

We’ve had clients ask about the safety of the packaging once they receive their shades, and according to the World Health Organization “the risk of catching the virus that causes COVID-19 from a package that has been moved, traveled, and exposed to different conditions and temperature is low.”

We are extremely confident you can order, receive and install your shades safely from the comfort of your home.

I will reach out again as the situation changes. Until then, please stay safe and healthy, and know that we are thinking of you and sending a smile your way.



How to make your NEW Home Office amazing!

It’s a strange, new world we are in. Who would have thought 2020 would result in this…a global pandemic. It’s like Mother Nature just sent us all to our bedroom to think about what we’ve done.

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you are now working from the safety of your home. YAY! But you’re navigating uncharted waters. You’ve moved your computer screen 8 gazillion times in one day, avoiding the relentless glare. And it’s STILL not right.

Is this YOU? We can help.

Perhaps, you’ve even muttered to yourself, “How did I NOT know how BLINDING the Sun is?”

Then….as we all begin feeling cut off from the outside world, you decide to move your makeshift desk closer and closer to the window, to see the trees, the birds or a neighbor waving across the way….but MAN! Then you feel it. Ice cold air. “Where is that FREEZING cold draft coming from?!”

Soo…you run, grab your favorite blankie & wrap yourself up like a burrito.

BUT how do burritos type?! They don’t. Well, not successfully.

We want to help you with ALL of this.

Our Energy-Saving Sidetracks will nip those ice cold draft in the bud! Your windows will be snug as a bug!

5 Reasons You Need New Cell Shades for Your Makeshift Home Office

  1. That glare on my computer screen is unbearable.
  2. You didn’t realize how hot/cold it gets when you sit at the window for hours.
  3. The “top-down” feature provides just the right amount of light & privacy.
  4. If I have to see that window all day, it might as well be gorgeous.
  5. They’re on SALE right now! Wait, why isn’t this number one???

You’re home. Staying home, staying safe, but you’re feeling the lonely creep in. You’ve Zoomed, you’ve FaceTimed with family and friends. But it’s just not enough. Check this out, people are learning NEW ways to connect with their community. Check out these neighbors in Leeds, England.

Ok, ok …head back down, get your work done. Our Top-Down/Bottom-Up shades are THE best when it comes to adjusting light and protecting your privacy. With these amazingly adjustable shades, YOU decide how much light you want from the top of the window while keeping the bottom portion covered. Also known as “duofold,” this multi-directional function can be applied our Standard, Smoothy, and Cordless Symphony shades!

Now if you need an activity break, OPEN your Symphony Shades and challenge your neighbors to a dance OFF, just like these guys did!!

Conference calls, OoOoOoPFH, amirite? That’s a whole OTHER new reality that we are all trying to navigate. Our Symphony Shades do offer a bit of sound buffering. But what they REALLY do, is create privacy from the outside world, so you can focus more on what your coworker just said.

Or you could just play ‘Conference Call Bingo’!

Ok, back to work. Not only will our Symphony Shades insulate you from the outside world, they’ll help you focus, they’ll protect your privacy, they’ll make your home office oh so stylish and get this…they’ll help you SAVE energy.

Together, we can make your home office stylish, insulated and private. All you have to bring is the productivity! We’re all in this together. Need to chat? Give us a call.


Stylish Shade Makeover… AFTER

COLOR: STACCATO, Double Cell Light-Filtering. Photo taken at Night.
Thanks to our customers in South Dakota!

AFTER: The very large and numerous windows are now insulated with our superior energy-efficient double cell Symphony Shades. A combination of Standard-Cord and Smoothy-Cord operations. Amazing privacy created; no longer living in a ‘fish bowl’.

Need help from our experts?

Speak with us: 877-887-4239

Email us:

Kiddo bedrooms and nursery Decor inspiration!

Some parents know exactly how they want to design their new roommate’s room. Some have no idea. We’ve created a ‘cheat sheet’ of sorts, a list of must-haves and “OMG DON’T DO THIS”!

Don’t do this-advice from parents who know:

  1. Do NOT style your baby’s room to be super GORGEOUS but not so functional. EEK! Make SURE wherever your changing table is…EVERYTHING you could possibly need is within arm’s length(or agile toe-grip) away. This happened to me with my first born. I had the changing table STOCKED with wipes and fresh clean diapers. It looked SO CUTE. But that’s it. Little did I know I would desperately need burp cloths, FRESH clothes, (because man oh MAN did my little man have a gift of covering himself with poop!) hamper, changing table covers, and I cannot stress this enough: a poop bucket with lid, a pacifier, books or favorite toy to occupy this poop monster while you clean up the aftermath. UGH.
  2. Decor for the walls. Are you thinking of beautiful wallpaper or paint? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD make sure whatever you select is WASHABLE. I mean, there are times you wish you installed a drain in the center of the room and could just hose it down with hot water and disinfectant.
  3. Don’t get suckered into ‘crib sets’. For the first one to two years there should be NOTHING in your babe’s crib. NOTHING but a fitted sheet, oh and the baby. *wink*
  4. Babies are small. And their rooms should be too. They don’t need a lot of room. More room, means more possibilities of shenanigans. Believe me. BELIEVE ME.
  5. And I cannot stress this last point enough. Babies do not give one iota of how their room is decorated. They don’t care. They care about a full belly, a dry bottom, quality sleep and endless amounts of love. Remember this.


  1. STORAGE. Think you might have ‘too much’ storage? Uhhm no. Toys multiply like rabbits. And don’t forget clothing storage. And do yourself another favor. LABEL storage containers. When your children become older, instill the joy of cleaning out their clothes and toys for donation. The younger you start this semi-annual event, the more you’ll be impressed with the generous spirit you’re molding.(This means you too, parents! Make it a weekend event and EVERYONE hoes out their closets for donation!)

2. Educational activities. Nope I’m not talking about those expensive trendy monthly pre-boxed activities that arrive by mail, or computer games. I’m talking about color, shape, artistic, spatial relations, digital-manipulation exercises! You are ONE trip to your local hardware store away from your very own ‘Busy Board’, sort-by-color activity, and color wheel activities!

And what can be better than washable markers/crayons and a large cardboard box?! Brill.

3. Blackout or Room-Darkening CORDLESS shades. You do not want to put your sweet babe down for a mid-afternoon nap without one. You can wrestle all you want, trying to put a silk sleep mask on your precious angel, but it ain’t happening. (DON’T do this, I’m KIDDING!) Be sure to have cordless or motorized blackout shades in every nursery/children’s room. This way, you can darken the room at naptime. And YES, take nap with your wee one. I cannot encourage this enough. Naps are good. Cordless or motorized shades are a MUST. Imagine, lulling your baby to sleep in your great-grandmother’s rocking chair…and you can’t get up to lower the shades. AHA! Remote control shades. BOOM! You’re welcome.

Symphony Cordless Shades come in 2 different operating systems: traditional cordless and cordless top down bottom up, which means you can also lower the shade from the top for extra control of privacy and light. This particular shade is available in double-cell light-filtering, single cell light filtering, and in single cell blackout fabric. If you have any questions regarding child safety or your fabric options, reach out to a member of our design team today!