4 Tips for Buying a Cordless Shade

Cordless shades offer many advantages: child safety, sleek design, no dangling temptations for cats, and so on.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re preparing to order a cordless shade that are better to be aware of prior to placing it. Follow these 4 guidelines for a fully educated purchase of your own cordless shades:

Cordless Shades In Nursery
1. Fabric Options
Since these shades don’t raise and lower by the same means as corded ones, the internal mechanism is a bit different. As such, this mechanism has one fabric limitation due to inherent operating problems – it cannot be ordered with Double Cell Black Out. So if you are looking for a black out cordless shade, go for single cell. It will still block out 99% of the light, and insulates as well as Double Cell Light Filtering!

2. Internal Cords
There are no dangling cords on cordless shades, but there are still cords running through the inside of the fabric and through the headrail. If you are getting a Cordless Top Down/Bottom Up shade, please note that when the top is down, the internal cords will be visible. They are usually located 6” in from the sides, and at .9mm in diameter, they are as unobtrusive as possible.

3. Magnets
It is strongly recommended that you get magnets with your shade. The shade will come with two small, round magnets on the bottom bar, and you’ll have to install the striker plates on the window sill. This ensures that the shade sits firmly on the sill, and is for inside mounts only. It’s no extra charge for these mighty magnets.

4. Equalization
When your cordless shade arrives, you will see that there are strings hanging out from the bottom rail. These are there in order to adjust the equalization, or in other words, to make it level. If your shade’s equalization is satisfactory, simply trim the excess cord. If it does need leveling, remember to adjust one string at a time, and to only loosen the knots. For full details, view our instructional pdf.

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