Use Your Shades to Trap Solar Heat!

If you already have cellular shades, chances are you’re into saving energy. And maybe you’re into saving some money, too! After all, 20% of the heating bill flies right out the window unless they’re covered with any sort of insulating material.

So you know how cellular shades reduce energy transfer by keeping your heat from escaping out into the cold. BUT, do you know how to use your shades to actually get free heat? Allow us to introduce: Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (aka SHGC).

solar heat illustrated
Solar heat passes through windows to heat up the room.


The SHGC represents the amount of solar radiation that comes in through a window and is released into the room. It’s represented as a number between 0 and 1: 0 being less solar heat gain, 1 being the most. For the sake of this nifty little “how to”, we won’t be using the numbers, though. Just the easy steps to harnessing solar heat!

During the winter, the sun is not only closer to the earth, but it’s at a smaller angle than in summer months as well. This makes for prime solar warmth collection. Which is convenient because winter is basically the only time you’d actually want to add solar heat to your home, anyway!

Dog in sunlight
Pets are SHGC-seeking professionals Image Source:


Here’s how to use your shades to maximize solar heat gain:

1. Note which rooms get decent sunlight throughout the day. Your pets are probably already have this figured out and are basking in the sunlight as we speak.
2. On bright days, leave your shades open in these rooms to let that glorious sun in to heat things up naturally.
3. Before the sun starts to fade, lower your shades down to trap the heat in! Voila! Free heat!

Our cellular fabric does a fabulous job at keeping the cold from infiltrating, but it also keeps heat inside. The little air pockets encased by the honeycomb cells are fine insulators against heat and cold transfer. Our blackout fabric, especially when paired with sidetracks, insulate the very best.

If you’re feeling very enthusiastic about the sun right now, and are curious to know the angle of the sun in your lo

cation at any given time of year (this could come in handy for gardening, too!) check out this really neat Solar Angle Calculator!

To learn more about SHGC, check out:

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