Window Shades for Casement Windows

Window Shades & Treatments for Casement Windows

A lot of our customers have crank handles on their windows. Most of our customers reach out to us to make sure these handles won’t interfere with the instillation of their shade. This is a great question, especially when you are in the process of measuring for your new shades.

Ideally, you’d like to mount your shade with an inside mount (within the window’s frame) while having the bottom rail of your shade sitting on your window’s sill. Each shade has a limit or a “minimum depth” requirement for an inside mount.

Figure 1: Crank Handle:

The image above is regular crank handle, that’s slight sticking out into the frame’s space. If you have a situation that’s similar to this, you likely have enough space in front of the handle to allow the shade to rest up against the sill.

If you want to find out if you have enough space, be sure to use a ruler or measuring tape to see if there is enough space from the sill to the point where the handle starts. You’ll also want to make sure that you have no other objects in the way like window locks.

Figure 2: Folding Crank Handle:

This image is of a low profile folding crank; these are found on modern window frames. These are significantly easier to deal with compared to regular crank handles.

FIgure 3: T-Handle

Picture number three is actually the T-handle that’s currently inside my kitchen! As you can probably see, it sits slightly below my counter. Since I have no desire to replace my windows, I installed an outside mount that will cover the T-handle and sit on the counter. If you happen to have sidetracks in any of the aforementioned situations, it can be bit difficult but it can be done. We advise you to contact one of our designs at (877) 887-4239. We encourage you take photos your window’s hardware, email us and will do our best for you!