Lift Options

There are a multitude of lift options to pick from when it comes to Symphony Shades. We’ve listed all of our lift options below with information and specifications about each lift options. Browse through the gallery and learn more about our available products before you pick out the perfect Symphony Shades for your home!

Standard Shades

Standard Cellular Shades

Out of all our options, this is the most traditional and economical! For small to mid-sized windows, this lift option works like an absolute charm. Utilize the pull cord to raise and lower the shade. This lift option is available with all our honeycomb fabrics, single cell light filtering, single cell blackout, double cell light filtering and doubel cell blackout.

Minimum Width 8” Maximum Width: 84”

Minimum Height: 8" Maximum Height: 96"

Cordless Cellular  Shades

When it comes to child safety, cordless is the way to go! Our cordless shades are 100% child safe, meaning you can feel comfortable knowing your kids and pets will be safe with these treatments in your home. One of the most convenient aspects of our cordless shades is you simply push and pull on the shade’s bottom bar to operate it, making operation simple and easy. Cordless shades are also perfect for those who don't want dangling strings within their interior. A sleek modern and robust lift option that will brighten up your interior space, go cordless!

Minimum Width: 19” Maximum Width: 84”

Minimum Height: 8" Maximum Height: 84"

Top Down Bottom Up

Standard Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades

Our top down bottom up option gives you privacy galore! You’ll be able to open the shade from both the bottom and the top giving you complete control over how the light flows into your space! Available in all of our fabrics, for those who that extra control and customization for their treatments, this option is truly for you! The image depicted to the left is “fabric wrapped,” please keep in mind that we no longer offer fabric wrapped shades.


Minimum Width: 12” Maximum Width: 84”

Minimum Height: 12" Maximum Height: 96"

Smoothy Continuous Cord Loop

Smoothy Cord Loop Cellular Shades

Large windows can be an absolute nightmare to treat! Fortunately for you, we’ve got a lift option that that can accommodate very wide and high shades. This lift option is called the smoothy cord loop; it is also referred to as the continuous cord loop. The difference between the smoothy cord loop and the standard shades is that the cord loop mechanism has more heavy internal components which gives it extra strength. Generally, for shades that over 70” wide, we recommend that our customers choose the smoothy option over the standard option. When your windows are wide and you can’t find the perfect treatment, look no further than the smoothy cord loop lift option!

Minimum Width: 22” Maximum Width: 94”

Minimum Height: 8" Maximum Height: 120"

Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades

Like traditional cordless shades, our cordless top down bottom up lift option is 100% child safe! It combines the best of the cordless and top down bottom up worlds. Enjoy serious privacy with the top down bottom up aspect of the shade. To operate this shade, you’ll gently push and pull on the shade’s top and bottom bars to let in light into your home. This particular option is available with all of our fabrics with the exception of double cell blackout material. For those want extreme privacy and have kids and pets in your home, this is the lift option for you!

Minimum Width: 19" inches Maximum Width: 84"

Minimum Height 8" Maximum Height 84" 

Smoothy TDBU

Smoothy Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades

Smoothy top down bottom up cellular shades are the lift option needed for those with wide and long treatments that desire the privacy the top down bottom up option provides. Like the traditional top down bottom up option, the bottom and top bar are operate by using the two sets of cord loops, one on the left and right side of the treatment. These shades can be ordered all the way to a 96” (some shipping restrictions apply) to cover the most expansive windows.

Minimum Width: 24” Maximum Width: 94”

Minimum Height: 8" Maximum Height: 120"


Motorized Cellular Shades

Motorized cellular shades present modern convenience among many other convenience amenities! Experience all the insulation that our shades have to offer while operating your window treatments from your couch. Another great feature that our motorized shades present is that multiple shades can operate on the same channel, providing you with complete light control for these multiple treatments. For forward thinking individuals who love gizmos and gadgets, look no further then motorized Symphony shades!

Minimum Width: 30” Maximum Width: 94”

Minimum Height: 8" Maximum Height: 120"