Mini Blinds Vs. Shades


Mini blinds do a very good job at filling up a room with light. The reason is, the user has the ability to take control of some of the glare while allowing some natural light into the room. Light will come through at the top of the miniblind’s slat, it will then bounce of ceiling illuminating the entire room. This treatment is relatively inexpensive, which makes it very attractive for homeowners.


One of the problems with mini blinds is that keeping them dust free is always ongoing, so maintenance is an issue. They also don’t really have any insulating properties, unlike cellular and honeycomb shades, you likely won’t see lower utility bills.

Window Treatment Comparison: Mini Blinds Vs. Symphony Cellular Shades

                                                                                     Mini Blinds                                                                                                             Cellular Shades

Insulation  Will guide cool air into the room or cooled room air towards the window with its tilted slates. Traps the heat or cold air between the shade and the window, just like a blanket. 
Light Control  Light is controlled through its tilted slats. These both minimize and maximize light that comes into the room. Doesn’t always control glare.  It has many different fabrics that allow you to do everything you want when it comes to light control. 
Cleanability Can be washed, however, its small crevices attract dust and require washing on a regular basis.  Dust resistant and can be vacuumed, light filtering fabrics can even be washed. 
Installation Its side mounted brackets need special location. Easy to install, most cellular shades require just 2 brackets.
Hardware Its plastic brackets become brittle over time.  Quality stainless steel brackets
Ideal Use Works well for offices and other interior windows. For both interior and exterior windows. Good a great job with privacy, light control and insulation. 
Shade Operation The wand is tiled to angle the slats. The pull cord both raises and lowers the slats. Has many different options, which include cordless, heavy duty cord loop among others. 
Shade Stack Dependent on the shade’s material and configuration. 2”-4” (rails and fabric)
Durability  Plastic can break down over time along with the slats. Most miniblinds have been designed to be replaced and not repaired. These shades have been designed to last 15+ years.
Warranty Dependent on the retailer, but most have warrantees of 1-3 years. 10 Years 

Your Winner is……

Symphony cellular shade due to their insulating properties! To learn more about our cellular shades, visit our single cell and double cell product pages or contact us at (877) 877-4239 to speak with one of our designers.