Cool Window Cure

If you’re going to have a comfortable appealing interior, windows are crucial. Windows bring the light into your life, if you’re live in the northern states; you understand that natural light is difficult to come by during the winter. There’s one thing about open windows that most don’t like, they let a significant amount of icy and cool air into your home.

Notice that in the wintertime that ice builds up on your home’s windows? A large portion of your home’s heat is lost through the glasses surface. Those who live in cool areas deal with frozen condensation. When a window is uncovered, cold air mixes with heated room air this lowers the temperature and creates a convection current, check out the image below.

The image above indicates how warm air can rise, and then hit the cold window. Once the air hits the window, the temperature drops and creates convection current, which is expensive to heat up again.

If you happen to add cellular shades to your home, they will help insulate the window, keeping your home warmer and helping you save on your energy bill! You might even be able to lower your thermostat, that’s how insulating our Symphony cellular shades are.

How Do Our Cellular Shades Block Drafts?

They cells also known as “honeycombs” will create air pockets that trip the cold air, which ensures it doesn’t reach into your living area. Other cellular fabrics on the market are spun and not made up of bonded polyester. The materials that we use lessen air filtration thorough the window’s shade.

If it’s sunny out, you may open up your shade to gain heat. Some homeowners use this solar heat to warm their home! When it’s nighttime, simply move the shades up to cover the glass ensuring a snug and warm environment.

What's the Best Shade Option for Me?

Our double cell fabrics have more insulating abilities than single cell fabrics. This is because they have extra air cavity. If you want even more insulation, pick out our blackout fabrics. Our blackout fabrics have a special foil inside of their cells, providing them amazing insulating abilities.

You can go a step further and incorporate our energy saving side track system, this bridges the small gap between the frame and the shade. This option will give you even more insulation.

Where Else Does Heat Escape Out of Your Home?

Another thing you can do is add skylight shades to your skylight windows. These shades will trap any hot air that rises out of your home. They can also come in the same insulating fabrics as our standard shades. If you purchase the right insulating shades, they pay for themselves in a matter of years!