Energy Saving Side Tracks

Side Tracks for Energy Efficiency and Light Blocking

Why Energy Saving Side Tracks?

Our energy saving sidetracks system seals up the gap around your window shades to provide you with a 66% energy loss reduction (when compared to an uncovered, single pane window). The sidetracks, available in either white or bronze, adhere to the sides of your window frame. They feature a fin that fits right into the Symphony Shade cells to restrict airflow along the edges.

In addition to being an all-encompassing solution to energy efficiency, this system is very easy to install. The tracks come with a set of magnetic strips with an adhesive backing, and you stick one onto each side of your window frame. The sidetrack itself is magnetically backed, so it clamps directly onto the strip on the window frame. Easy to install, easy to remove for dusting and cleaning! Full installation instructions here. 

How Do I Know If I Can Use This System?

Energy Saving Side Track is available for all inside mounted, double cell shades, except for motorized. Standard, cordless (manual), Smoothy continuous cord, and all top down/bottom up features are compatible with the Energy Saving Side Track System. 

The maximum shade dimensions applicable to sidetracks are 96"W X 120"L.

The widest width of your window opening cannot exceed the narrowest width by 3/8”. You should also check your diagonal measurements to ensure that they are within a ¼” of each other. Both of these factors determine how square your window is - the more perfectly square, the better for creating a tight seal. If your window measurements differ more than 3/8" in the width or 1/4" diagonally, you will need to shim your window to make it square before you can apply the tracks. Measuring Guidelines Here. 

Mounting Requirements

Standard and Standard Top Down/Bottom Up:

Smoothy Continuos Cord Loop and Cordless:

Shallow Inside Mount

1 1/2" 1 5/8"

Flush Inside Mount

2" 2 1/4"

Ready to Order?

Great! Our sidetrack system is $78 per shade. Please reach out to a member of our design team if you have any questions along the way!