Window Shade Comparison

Our SymphonyTM Shades are in fact so energy efficient, they actually pay for themselves! After conducting a test in Vermont with a home without air conditioning, the shades ended up paying for themselves in less than three years! If you happen to live in another area of the country with more extreme weather, the savings could be greater!

Shade Comparison, Symphony Shades Vs. The Rest!

Chrystalpleat™ FacetsApplause™Duette™ ClassicSymphony™ Double Cell
Polyester Fabric Spun-lace Bonded Bonded Bonded
Color To Outside White White White White
Cord Lock Operation Outward pull Outward pull Outward pull Inward pull 
Design Selection 3 4 6 8
Cord Lock  3 6 6 9
Maintenance  3 6 7 9
Ease of Repair 4 7 7 9
Bracket System 4 7 7 9
Durability  3 5 7 9
Overall Rating  3 6 7 9

Rating System, 10 = Perfect! 


Symphony Shades rock! They are energy efficient and very easy to install. Please note that Applause, Duette, Crystalpleat and Symphony Shades are trademarks owned by their respective owners.