Power Options for Motorized Cellular Shades

What's the best option for powering your motorized cellular shades? Well, that depends. What's most important to you? Hiding the components and wires? Power output and/or battery life? Energy efficiency? And what's your configuration? Do you have a power source nearby? Do you have a convenient location for an external mount battery? As you can tell, there are several things to consider. The information below is intended to help guide you towards the best option for your situation. As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Headrail Battery Pack

Hidden Headrail Battery Pack for Motorized Cellular Shades

The headrail battery pack tucks neatly inside the shade's headrail and out of view. The smaller size, however, means less power and more frequent charging for larger shades. We recommend the headrail battery pack only for small to medium-size shades. Generally speaking, if your shade is wider than 60 inches and/or longer than 72 inches, you should consider one of the options below. NOTE: This is a rough guideline, as other factors such as overall fabric dimension (width X height), fabric type (blackout fabric is heavier than light-filtering), and frequency of use all contribute to battery consumption.


  • Hidden inside the headrail
  • Low power consumption
  • Can be combined with solar charger for maximum energy efficiency


  • Less capacity than external battery pack - more frequent charging
  • Less power than other options - not suited for larger shades

External Mount Battery Pack

External Battery Pack for Powering Large Motorized Cellular Window Shades

The external mount battery pack is much larger than the headrail battery pack, measuring nearly 10 inches long. As a result, it carries more capacity and power for less frequent charging and more dependable operation with larger shades. While this battery could be placed inside the headrail in some applications (for example, with an outside mount shade), it would protrude approximately 1/2 inch above the top of the headrail. In most cases, the battery would be mounted outside the headrail. If you have 1 3/4 inches between the back of your headrail and the window or framing, the battery can be hung inconspicuously on the back side of the headrail. Otherwise, it can be mounted with screws or double-sided tape wherever you decide is best (extension cables may be necessary).


  • Less frequent charging
  • More power for larger or heavier shades
  • Can be combined with solar charger for maximum energy efficiency


  • Cannot be hidden in some cases

Plug-In Transformer (Power Supply)

If you don't want to worry about charging your battery pack and you don't have the right configuration for a solar charger, you can always plug your shade right into the nearest power outlet with our plug-in transformer. It's simple, reliable, and power consumption is minimal since shades are not operated continuously.


  • Set it and forget it - no need to worry about charging
  • Plenty of power for any size shade


  • Wire from motor to outlet may be visible
  • Not as energy efficient as battery options
  • You lose the ability to operate your shades during a power outage