Mounting Options

One of the more frequently asked questions we get from customer’s purchasing window treatments is whether to inside mount or outside mount your shades. We’ll break down the difference between the two and help you pick the perfect mount for your Symphony cellular honeycomb shade!

Inside Mount:

Most Symphony window shades are ordered as inside mount. This means that that your shade will be sitting and installed on the inside portion of your window’s frame and the brackets will be installed at the top of the window’s frame. In most homeowner’s option, this is more aesthetically appealing then an outside mount because it gives of a more refined and cleaner look.

If you decide to purchase a shade as an inside mount, we will take a 3/8” deduction from the shade. Why do we do this? This is done to ensure that the shade’s end caps fits within the window’s frame. If you decide to order a shade as an inside mount, use our measuring page to ensure a PERFECT fit!

Outside Mount: 

Unlike an inside mount, an outside mount is installed outside of the window frame. While some may say inside mounts provide a cleaner look, outside mounts block out more light! They are very beneficial when you don’t have the necessary room to mount your brackets on the inside of your frame. For an outside mount, the brackets will be placed above the open window on the wall (sometimes there’s extra trim available where you can mount it.)

When you are for an outside mount, its ok to add an extra few inches to width to ensure that your window is fully covered. Unlike inside mounted shades, there is no deduction taken so the shade will come in the dimensions exactly as ordered.